We take allergies very seriously at The Nurture Barn and for this reason we ask you not to bring your own food to ours, for fear of any contamination. We have always been a totally nut free barn and our food is prepared on separate chopping boards, pans, toasters etc. to be as safe as possible. You will be asked to put your food away always. Our staff will always be able to help you if you let them know of your allergy requirements. Why not come to our Allergy session too on Wed Nov 22nd at 10.30. Click here for details and to book.





























Here are some suggestions of what we have for you and them:

  • Dairy Free

With Dairy Free Spread and Milk part of our menu – nothing is too hard.

Our cute lunchboxes, substituting butter for our DF spread (it is the soya free version), the yoghurt or Babybel for an Alpro Yoghurt and a glass of soya or coco milk or a choco milkshake. Our humus is soya free

Fishfingers or Sausage, mash and peas/sweetcorn (there is no butter added to our mash when we make it)

Homemade Tomato with hidden veg sauce or tuna or sausage pasta with veggy sticks and humus

Homemade soup or salad or pasta of the day

Sandwiches and wraps

Carrot Cake, melon, grapes, oat cakes

  • Soya Free

As above but as our Alpro yoghurt contains soya, we will offer a banana or some PomBears

  • Egg Free

As above and we also have egg free shortbread and choc chip cookies and egg free pasta

  • Gluten Free

Gluten free bread or toast (separate toaster for Celiac) for delicious sandwiches, gluten free pasta for you and them, soups, salads and our Gluten free chocolate cake and oat cookies

And if anything is on the menu, then we have those ingredients, so you can just pick and put something together – we will always try and make it work – afterall we want you all to be relaxed, safe and happy!