TA 2

We have 2 totally fenced in gardens, so they can roam off, one bark and one grass ( this is where we do the monthly miniature pony rides) with 2 Pirate ships rowing boats, 3 ‘Mersea huts’, a blue Goldilocks hut, 2 sandpits, climbing tyres and an outdoor kitchen area, for making mud pies. So you can sit outside on our south facing patio, in or out the shade and eat lunch or drink coffee and watch them, squealing with delight.

There are lots of wooden balancing toys, colourful logs and wooden toadstools to jump on. An idyllic setting looking out onto rolling countryside.

Don’t forget to visit the 2 pigs, brother and sister Peaches and Pumba, next door, along with the goats and chickens at The Blue Egg. They love a fuss.