We are open every weekend (other than the Sunday Barnfests see relevant page, which are ticketed only on May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug 13) – 10 to 3 and entry is always just £2.50 and Essex Pass is welcome to play.

You can just come and play, no bookings required, and you do not need to do the activities, however if you wish to take part in any of the below activities, there is a set price as per the poster and you need to book onto these in advance by calling us. These are held in separate areas, so you can choose to do it or not.

Loads of families come for lunch and friends use us as a meeting point – especially if yours gets up early we serve breakfast for you all and strong coffee!! Our garden is always open and you can choose to seat inside or outside.


We offer a great fitness class for pregnant mums.


Please click here to see a video of our May Train Time event – it was magical. The correct start time is 10.30 not 10am.



Animal Petting….





What about getting a group of you friends together for a ‘Pony Care’ hour? Resident miniature ponies, Tippy and Skyla can come and your little ones can groom, feed them and handle them and learn some fun information at £15 each including barn entry.