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Happy Parent = Happy Kid. Happy Kid = Happy Parent.

I remember when my daughter Olivia started crawling and exploring but I still wanted to meet friends for good coffee and healthy food in stylish places with lots of natural light and an outdoors when warm. It was just impossible when she started wriggling and we often felt a nuisance to others and I wanted to feel welcome with a baby or toddler in tow.

I didn’t like leaving her in the car seat as there was nowhere to lay her down, or imprisoning her in a high chair while we chatted, giving her menus/spoons to keep her busy for 2 secs. so we could have a long awaited catch up together.

I had a lot of experience with babies and toddlers, I chaired a large NCT branch and it kept coming back to the fact that something was missing locally. I also found the options for hiring a large, cool, toddler’s party venue pretty limiting and wanted somewhere, less stimulating than the soft plays, but with great toys and outdoor space that I wouldn’t want to escape from, with my overcharged toddler. I selfishly wanted to have a nice time too with my fellow parents and eat good food, not always chips.

In 2013 I approached the farmer who owns The Blue Egg, to allow me to transform his derelict old barn and create The Nurture Barn and he said yes! The interest and support was overwhelming since Day 1 of the plans.

To give you an idea, before opening we had over 50 party requests and over 1700+ people following ‘the build’ on Facebook so I knew we were onto something…..

Shown below is a  this is what it looked like before we started building. It is rather different now:  2 floors of wooden toys for under 5’s, a baby area, a delicious 5 star rated café, a party room to hire, drop in activity classes and a massive, fenced in garden with shade & paddling pools for the hot weather. Unlimited Play included.

Please join our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Page ‘The Nurture Barn’ to stay up to date with events.

There is no need to book and no max stay limit, you will be made welcome; mums, dads and grandparents and carers. Put your bags in a locker and then relax and watch your little ones interact with non plastic toys and best of all, play. Get involved and let’s push their imagination to the limit. We are all in the same boat here, provided your little ones are well behaved, no one will bat an eyelid. Your offspring will run off (they always do) inside or outside, but in a safe environment and you might even meet some new friends yourself.

Costs are £1 for under 6 months, £3.50 for under 2’s and £5 for over 2’s for unlimited play.

We have laid on so much for your little ones. We believe in Total Inclusion. All babies and toddlers including those with special needs will be welcome. We think this is important and vital to all of us to learn more about the people around us.

Looking Forwards to Meeting You.


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