We are open 6 days a week. Saturdays and Mondays is just £3 entry all day and Mon-Fri, it is just £1 after 1.30pm!!So with our Cake and Coffee deal at £3.90 that makes it a £5 deal!!! Plus every adult coffee & cake deal (£3.90) bought after 1.30 on a weekday has an option of a free cupcake to decorate with their little one, so this is great on Wednesdays as we are open until 5pm – and it is lovely and cool inside.

Come with as many adults as you wish – great for grandparents and the whole family on Saturdays, for a good breakfast/lunch and you can now reserve a table on Saturdays too for a £20 deposit.

There is also details of one off animal events here, for example Miniature Pony Grooming and Animal Petting. Painted Peppermint Ceramics comes once a month ( next one is Monday 16/7), Little Lamb Gifts, Anne Thomas Photography, Science Workshops etc..

Daisy First Aid is here 10-12.30 on Mon 16/7 and Sat 18/8, 15/9, 13/10. Pls contact Jennie on 07969 637601 if interested.

If you are interested in our Antenatal Breastfeeding or Baby Led weaning classes or feeding events for fussy toddlers please click here. Our Facebook page has everything listed under Events.

Every Class is just £5 for your first child including unlimited play. So this works out as FREE for over 2’s. Whilst these are drop in sessions, you still need to call us and tell us you are planning on coming for numbers. You need to come to the till first to register  class for registration. We also offer a class rate of £3.50 for multiples. We have a Breastfeeding support group weekly on Wednesdays.

Weekends are often quiet so do come along with your family and eat with us on a Saturday. All family adults welcome. We open some Sundays for animal activities and dates will be posted under Animals.

Mondays ( when it is just £3.00 all day)…..


Mondays 9.30 -11am – NO EXTRA COST with every paying 2+ year old child!! No bookings required.













New Monday Mummy Me Time @ The Nurture Barn happens the 1st Monday of every month. Massages for tired mummies with Kia of Takesometime where you can bring your kids and eat too. Our dates in the diary are:

Monday 2nd July, Monday 30th July, Monday 6th Aug, Monday 3rd Sept, Monday 1st Oct, Monday 5th Nov, Monday 3rd Dec

As a mum you shouldn’t feel guilty or even made to feel guilty about wanting a bit of ‘ME’ time……why? Because you’re human! It is important, vital even, to reconnect with yourself once in a while and by doing so, by giving yourself an opportunity just for a short time to relax, to breath, to think ‘I really needed to do this for ME’ will have such a positive impact on your wellbeing of which will benefit others around you! Sound good? Well add on the feeling of helping other mums to do the same and you’ll feel amazing!

This is how it works…..

You’ll need 2-4 Mums that you know well to be free on a Monday as you will be tag teaming and take it in turns to look after one another’s little one, so you can switch off and relax.

Choose your half hour slot from 10-10.30, 10.30-11, 11-11.30, 11.30-12, 12-12.30, 1-1.30, 1.30-2, 2-2.30 and 2.30-3.

  • 25 min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • 25 min Back, Neck & shoulder massage (with or without Hot Stones) and a 10 min scalp massage
  • 25 min Legs & Feet massage (with or without Hot Stones)
  • 15 min Reiki healing & 10 min scalp massage
  • Pregnancy massage – from Trimester 1 (we can be very discrete and no one needs to know) – contact Kia to discuss
  • After your treatment you simply go back out with everyone else and ask the next mum to come into our candlelit upstairs room for her turn and so on….

The amazing low cost investment, for all of this is £35 pp*, with full payment required at the time of booking.

And you get all of this included in this brilliant price;

Unlimited play and arrive/leave whenever you wish
25 min Massage or Reiki treatment
Piece of homemade cake or half a yummy sandwich and a tea, coffee or bottle of water

To book please call us on 01371 810870 or email us on, including all mummies names, your preferred date, any dietary requirements and your telephone no and email for us to send out the *T&Cs.


NOTE: Upstairs will not open until 1 due to Classes.

We have our very popular weekly Baby Music, Movement and Sensory class called BoogieWoogies. This runs certain weeks through the school holidays too and multiples (twins and triplets) pay £3.50 extra for the class.

BoogieWoogies is a sell out 45 minute class every week, so book quickly for your week, as far in advance as you want. Mums don’t want to pay term fees anymore particularly when they are little in case they cannot make a class. Watch a short video of the BoogieWoogies session here.

10am – NEW WHOLE of UPSTAIRS Toddler/Walkers/Mixed aged class for under 3’s, so they can spread out and march to songs without feeling they are being stolen away from the toys outside

11am – NEW WHOLE OF UPSTAIRS 1st Babies & Crawlers (non walkers), lots of bubbles and music and textures, boxes, puppets – great class

12pm – NEW WHOLE OF UPSTAIRS 2nd Babies & Crawlers (non walkers), lots of bubbles and music and textures, boxes, puppets – great class

















A really great value day as we open until 5pm and food served all day. Mumma’s Milk will spend most of the day with us. Weekly Breastfeeding drop in, and a Baby Led Weaning Breakfast where we supply the food and advice and you can ask anything. Then afternoons it could be Fussy Toddler Feeding or Antenatal Breastfeeding or the Baby Led Weaning Theory for 90 minutes.





On Wednesday 11th & 18th July, Talking Tots will offer a free session to little ones interested in learning about communication through fun props, games and singing. Call to put your name down.

Wednesday afternoons we offer a free cupcake to decorate with every Coffee & cake deal. (£1 for extras).














Thursdays 9.30 -11am – NO EXTRA COST with every paying 2+ year old child!! No bookings required.

We host Baby Massage by Basking Babies Braintree on Thursdays too in our private room – pls call Sarah on 07913110344 . Your fee includes unlimited use of the barn that day so stay and play for as long as you want or come earlier for lunch.

We also have Sounds Right Phonics in the afternoons starting in September, for them to have fun and learn their sounds – Minis at 12.45 & Preschoolers 1.45 – pls call 07460 200009 if interested.


A play day ALL DAY – just forget about cooking and come and eat and hang out with us all day! Kate of Little Creations will lay one off  Stories, Craft, Messy Play events for all ages at 10.30-11.15. As with all our classes, this will be £5 including unlimited play and there is a twin discount of £3.50 for the second twin. Must book for this class as very popular. Our next event is 13th July and the Theme is Dinosaurs.

Throughout the summer holidays we have a Friday Musical Sensory event with Instruments, Bubbles & Parachutes. Abigail will run a class 12.45-1.30 babies/Crawlers & 1.45-2.30 Walkers from 3, 10, 24, 31 Aug and 7 Sept. Then from the 14th Sept this will run every week at 11-11.45 Walkers & 12-12.45 Babies/Crawlers. Pls call to book on, you can arrive as early or stay as late as you wish. Prebook lunch if you wish when you come in too,so it is ready as soon as your class finishes.



Play day ALL DAY – Lots of families just £3 entry and you can reserve a table for a £20 deposit. Call to book.

The 1st Saturday of every month, starting 4th August, we have a drop in weigh centre 9.30-11, so bring your Red Book, perfect for busy families, or working mums. No bookings required.

Some Saturdays we have on extra events ie Miniature Pony Cart Rides and Petting/Grooming Rides ( from 1+) and Animal Petting so click here to see what is on.


We are closed all day Sunday apart from Barnfest – our  summer festival will take place on Sundays in July, Aug & Sept. More details and to book, click here.


Anyone want to talk to us about an idea for running a class or hiring the room, please email Mel at