“Leigh is quite simply, amazing. I've seen her a few times in the 3 months since my son was born, and she's given us such wonderful and invaluable support and advice. She's calm, patient and reassuring, and was able to work out what was causing our issues pretty quickly. After making a few changes to positioning and getting my son's tongue tie snipped, breastfeeding has improved enormously and I'm now pain-free. THANKYOU”

  • Leigh of Mumma’s Milk is a highly qualified Breastfeeding Councellor. She offers private 1 to 1 consultations (£28) throughout the week on Breastfeeding Advice (incl Antenatal Breastfeeding), Baby Led Weaning (this includes their food to try), Fussy Eating Advice for Toddlers.  Her Facebook page is superb for those wanting advice
  • Jenny runs Daisy First Aid Classes run in the evening or weekends and make for more confident parents.
  • Nicola of Babywearing Bliss Sling Library comes in on the last Wednesday of every month to help offer advice on the best one to choose before purchasing and offers a library to borrow from. £7.50 for 1 week, £10 for 2 weeks and £15 for 3 weeks.
  • If you would like some help getting your Baby or Toddler to Sleep, Emma of Hushaboo offers monthly private 60 mins sessions for £32 to help you get some normality back!
  • There is a monthly Pregnancy & New Mum meet up where we give you a hot cup of tea or coffee and introduce you to The Barn and each other – very casual, so don’t stress please. Elder siblings can run around.
  • We are always welcome to ideas for meet ups – We want to hold a Deaf/Signing group monthly and also a Special Needs group for Parent of Babies and Toddlers to support each other – so watch this space.
  • We are running a Deferring school for a year chat, in September.

All these events can be found on our Events page on Facebook or under What’s On

"My friends and I recently attended one of Rochelle’s Parenting sessions – fantastic. If you ever stop and wonder “why does he do that… why won’t he listen… how do I deal with the tantrums… how can I get him to go to sleep… etc. etc.” then this is for you! She listens and gives you clear and sensible advice on how to deal with such problems. Like having your very own Supernanny! The advice she has given me on tantrums, sleeping issues and eating has worked very effectively. THANKYOU”

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