People always compliment us on our delicous food. Homemade Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Quiche, Kids Bolognaise and Victoria Sponge seem to be the favourites.

Our 5* rated cafe serves delicious homemade food for your little ones: From 4 daily weaning purees to mushy pasta through to nutritious toddler meals, with fruit & veg, so forget your pouches and jars here. We have a whole menu designed for Babies & Toddlers, so you do not need to bring any food with you. This also makes sure that there is no food contamination, a danger for those with food allergies.

We offer lots of Adult Daily Specials: Quiches, Salads, Soups, Light Options, Wraps, Sandwiches and very good Coffee. Our Sausages and Bacon are from Priors Hall Farm and our veggy meat is Linda McCartney. We also make sure that there are lots of yummy options on offer for those with intolerances – who are often overlooked. After 2pm every day a slice of homemade cake and coffee costs just £3.90.

Tables can be booked from 1.30 on weekdays or all day Saturday (max 8 people on a Sat) for £20 deposit. Please remember our private room upstairs can be hired at no cost for minimum food spend of just £120

Our Results Speak for Themselves!

We take great pride in feeding you and your little one delicious, homemade food, but in preparing it in a safe and clean kitchens. For our efforts, we are proud to have been awarded a 5* rating in Food & Hygeine after visits by Braintree District Council, every year we have been trading.

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nurture barn menu

nurture barn menu

We take allergies very seriously at The Nurture Barn and we have always been a nut free barn. Your wellbeing is very important to us, please help us by not bringing in your own food.!

Our food is prepared on separate chopping boards, pans, toasters etc. to be as safe as possible. You will be asked to put your food away and children to sit down when they are eating. A yoghurt coated raisin could kill a child with a serious Dairy allergy or a piece of bread left on a sofa, for a Cellaic – so please keep picnics for other days out.

Our staff will always be able to help you if you let them know of your allergy requirements and will adapt a meal to suit you.

Dairy Free Spread, Milk & Yoghurt are part of our standard menu. Rebel Kitchen choco milkshakes are a hit too.
Soya Free Spread, Hummus and Koko Yoghurts.   Egg free pasta.
Gluten free options include bread or toast (separate toaster for Celiacs), pasta, sausages, fishfingers, soups, salads.
For those with a sweet tooth we have DF Carrot Cake, GF Chocolate Mousse Cake, Vegan Banana Cake, DF/GF/EF Oat Cakes, EF Choc Chip Cookies.   So you see, there is no need to bring your own food.

We have set up a dedicated Facebook Page for those kids with allergies.

Our staff will always be able to help you if you let them know of your allergy requirements and will adapt a meal to suit you.


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